How to Apply louboutin replica Rhinestones on the Rubber Toe of Converse Sneakers Determine how you would like to arrange the rhinestones. Form Replica Christian Louboutin a pattern or cover the rubber toe completely. Make small marks on the shoe to mark out the pattern for the rhinestones if you’re not covering the entire toe. Lightly sand the surface of the rubber toes red bottom shoes to remove dirt and help the glue adhere to the shoe and the rhinestones. Apply a small amount of replica louboutin glue to the toe of the Christian Louboutin Store shoe using the pointed tip of the jewel setter, a small plastic tool with a wax tip. Cover only enough area to fill it with rhinestones in 60 seconds or less. To cover the entire toe of the shoe, apply glue in small sections, just enough for a few stones. If you’re planning to dot rhinestones on the toe of the shoe, make dots of glue large enough to slightly surround each rhinestone. Use the jewel setter to pick an individual rhinestone and cheap gucci bags press it gently into the glue. Adjust as needed with an orange stick before pushing the stone more firmly into place. Repeat the process for each stone, adding more adhesive as you complete each section.
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