Sea Life Centre

  • Fun kid’s rides & Splash Lagoon (Including drop ride, log flume, water jets & splash pool)sea-life-centre3
  • Fun feeding demonstrations all day
  • 1,000+ creatures including Baby Crocs, Penguins, Seals, & Otters
  • Interactive Rockpool, Hold a crab and touch a starfish!
  • Walk through our Underwater tunnel with Sharks, Giant Sea Turtles & Tropical fish
  • Children’s Play – Including fact finding quiz & Adventure trail


Mon – Sun 10am – 5pm (last admissions 4pm)

For more information please visit

Olsen Twins won’t be part of ‘Full House’ reunion series

Actresses Ashley and Mary Kate have ruled themselves out of the “Full House” reunion show. Fans hoped the Olsen twins would return to the franchise that launched their careers and reteam with the likes of John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin for sitcom spin off Fuller House, but executive producer Robert L. Boyett has confirmed the grown up child stars will not feature in the new project.

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